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    Listen or download the track.
Just click on the link below to listen to the track.  or you can download it as an MP3, so that you can hear it whenever you wish.  Completely free. We really hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we all did producing it.  It’s the culmination of a lot of love and hard work from patients, their families and some amazing caring staff. We just ask, if you’re able, to donate a small amount of money to any of the cancer charities listed beow, by clicking on their respective logos.
If you prefer, please donate to any other cancer charity you wish.  We know that kindness never needs a reason to occur, so we just hope that listening to the song will add a little inspiration to your day. Enjoy the song.  And thank you.
Music is the language  of the angels...and Sue’s music  and singing is inspired.”  Glennyce Eckersley, Angel Author.
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