Logotype A tribute to an inspirational friend.
   In Memory of Bob Welch                                                                                                                                                                                                     August 31st 1945 to June 7th 2012  
  “Bob Welch’s talent and contribution to the world of music was unquestionably amazing.  His warmth and friendliness was so very much valued and made people feel at ease. I thank Bob too for his generous review of the fundraising song ‘Shine’. His family and the music world will sadly miss him.” Sue James, July 2012. Bob Welch was a wonderful man and a fantastic musician.  A former member of the iconic band Fleetwood Mac, Bob also had a successful solo career.  His singles included ‘Hot Love, Cold World’, ‘Ebony Eyes’, Precious Love’ and his signature track ‘Sentimental Lady’.    “The world is not a dream, but a reality, of which we are the chief part.  Make yourself known and felt for something that would be loved and missed, in twenty thousand little ways.’ Charles Dickens
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